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Month: May 2016

Search Engine Optimization – The magic spell that drives your customers to your websites

Creating brand identity online is essential to reach out to millions of people around the world. Having a great website does not ensure that it pulls enough traffic to make you visible online. People extensively use the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to get information on anything that interests them. Unless your website lists in the first few pages of the search results relevant to your business, you will not be seen by the prospective customers who are looking out for the products or services you sell. Since there are thousands of websites of your competitors that are also available in the World Wide Web, it is important to outsmart them and reach out first to your prospective customers.
How to be visible on the World Wide Web? There are many ways to be visible when a probable customer is checking online for information related to your business. One such magic is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the most trending and the most competitive field on the Internet now. Everyone wants to be visible in the top 5 pages and there’s tough competition among the SEOs too to make it possible for their clients. SEO can be quite complicated and hence is best left to the experts. One wrong move can earn your well-designed website irreversible negative points and your investment on the website as well as your brand reputation goes for a toss. On-page Keyword Optimization, Off-page link building and Social media marketing are the SEO methods used for driving organic traffic to your website. Google Ad words and online advertisements can also help you reach out to millions of people across the globe easily.
Web Marketing Experts for complete SEO Solutions SEO solutions that start from local, go national and then global – that’s exactly what WME has to offer its clients. Their team of digital marketing experts understands the company’s business requirements and aligns their SEO work accordingly. Since SEO is time-bound, the clients can see that their web traffic increases considerably shortly after WME takes up the job. They make sure you have up to date content continuously to make sure that your page gains its web ranking and retains in over a period of time. The biggest advantage they give their clients is that they guarantee results. Clients don’t have to pay if their work does not result as promised!
WME also provides specific SEO services like e-commerce, government, enterprise, fitness, Chinese and Spanish making them the complete SEO solution provider.

They also have experts on Google and YouTube advertising which further boosts your website’s visibility and traffic. Their digital marketing experts create successful Facebook and LinkedIn marketing campaigns that bring in clients that matter to your business.
Other than SEO, WME also provides reputation management, web designs, Penguin and Panda recovery if your page rankings have dropped considerably, conversion optimization, Google insurance and website conversions. They have a 90-day guarantee for the SEO work they undertake. You can click here to visit and contact them for your SEO requirements.

Cheap And Comfortable Hotel In Jakarta

Beside of the capital city, politic centre, and economic, Jakarta has romantic place to visit. Located of jakarta in Indonesia, exactly in the nortwest coast of Java. If you like to come in jakarta, don’t worry about hotel in jakarta. There are many accomodation with cheap and happiness is of course. Although jakarta is largest city with 180 millions people, here you can find the interesting tourism destination, such as : thousand island, national monumen, sea world, marina ancol, TMII and many others.

The favorite destination if you come in Jakarta is Pulau Seribu. It has 45 small Island for tourism object which name : Tidung Island, Rambut island, Ayer Island, bidadari Island, kotok island, putri island, sepa island and many others. All of them offers natural and wonderful forest and the scenary of under water. There are many things to do like : snorkling, diving, sun bathing, fishing, swimming and others. Do you interesting to come here ? so the important that you need before is accomodation, if you are a backpacker, you can book a reservation in pramuka island. It’s cheaper than others. It’s just U$5 to U$30. If you like to more enjoy the holiday, you can choose resort in the one of pulau seribu. The resort has unique architecture. Not only that the beach view in the morning  and the sun set is so interesting.

Tidung island is one of the pulau seribu which so amazing place to visit. This place is suitable to take some picture. It has a connectic bridge between the small and the large of tidung island. ussually the connecting bridge called romantic bridge. The wonderful view of the beach will be yours.

Do you like snorkling or diving ? kotok island is the answer. It has nature and best spot diving. The water so clean and the coral reefs is of course. Another choice island is  Bidadari Island, this place is suitable for fishing, jetsky, and banana boat. The accomodation such as land cottage which fisherman owner, and the price is cheaper than others island. If you like to see many kind of bird and enjoy the beach view you can visit in rambut island, many kind of bird is here to stay. For another island has special one to visit and it’s so interesting.

Any others destination that you can visit in Jakarta is national monumen. It’s usually called “monas”. The special of this place you will be know the historical of indonesia. If you like education for your child, you can visit in sea world. The are many species there and the view is so gergeous such us in under water. So have a great day !

Five Reasons Businesses Should Hire SEO Services

Managing a business website takes several hours a week, because in order to do it right, you must promote the site and keep the content up-to-date. Many small business owners do not have the time to properly manage their sites, and their business suffers because their websites are often neglected. If you own a business, here are five reasons why you need to hire an SEO company to help manage your company’s website.

Builds Web Presence

In order to be successful in today’s marketplace, you have to have an Internet presence. An SEO company can create digital marketing strategies that can help you find prospects in your target demographic, and give you the chance to convert them into paying customers. Today, most people go online before they make major purchases, or to find local businesses near them that have the products or services they need, and if your business doesn’t have a web presence, you will lose business to your competitors.

Drives Web Traffic

Search engine optimisation strategies are designed to drive traffic to businesses that offer certain products or services desired by the web searchers. These strategies are often centred around the content on your website, which may include articles, blog posts, videos, or images that include specific keywords embedded in the text or captions of the content. An SEO company will know how to find the correct keywords to use on your site to help drive traffic to your website so you can increase your sales.

Drives Sales Offline

Your company doesn’t need to sell products online in order to take advantage of the services of an SEO agency in London – Avenue Digital. Research indicates that over 85% of customers use the Internet to find local businesses from which to purchase products or services. An SEO company can help create strategies to help customers find your local business and help increase your sales.

Pre-Qualifies Leads

Through their strategies, an SEO company can drive more pre-qualified leads to your website, which makes converting them easier. They can use keyword research or include pay-per-click ads to target certain segments of your demographic, helping to pre-qualify searchers looking for the type of products or services your business offers. Pre-qualified leads are more likely to buy the products or services you offer, which helps make your business more profitable.

Creates Measurable Results

In order to figure out if their strategies are helping to meet your company’s goals, SEO companies have to be able to measure the success of their campaigns. They know how to use online tools to measure how much traffic is going to your website, how long they are staying on your site, which pages are getting the most visitors, and other important information. Measurable results help them adjust their strategies to give you the best chance of increasing your sales.

There are many other advantages to hiring an SEO company to manage your business website. They can help build your company’s brand and make it more visible to increase your profits.

The Importance of SEO and Web Design

Websites have become an essential part of any business operation. They’re as fundamental as a store sign was thirty years ago. When you hand someone your business card, they expect to see your website on the card. They expect to be able to go to a website on their computers or their phones to access your information. That’s why your website needs to be well designed and accessible. It also needs to have some information that users will find helpful to navigating.

It also needs to be mobile ready. Many people don’t even own computers anymore. They do all their computing on phones or tablets. A standard desktop website does not work very well for these devices, so websites have mobile versions. You need a web designer who is capable of making a mobile version of your website as well as a desktop version.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an incredibly crucial part of any business platform. Search engines are the method most people use to find new websites, companies, or sources of information. They type a few keywords into a search engine and hope for a relevant result. The results they see are due to the search engine returning websites that fit those keywords. Search engines determine this by crawling all over the Internet, indexing different websites based on their keywords, who links to them, and whom they link to. SEO is the process of specifically creating content with this kind of effect in mind. That could mean writing articles that use certain keywords relevant to your industry, writing for different industry blogs, and connected with other players in your industry. All this will help people find your website and is absolutely essential to running a successful business.


When you’re deciding who is going to run your SEO and web design efforts, you should pick someone who comes highly recommended. If you don’t know how to choose a web designer, you should look for certifications. IWDRO, Internet and Web Design Regulatory Office, certification is a highly coveted prize in the industry. It means that a web designer is one of the very best in the industry. Few companies are certified by this office, so when you see one that is, you can trust you’re working with a quality company.

Tailored Web Design

Many web designers tend to produce a few templates, and then drop each client’s information into prepackaged layouts. To produce a good product, the designers need to start from the ground up. Each industry is different and so is each business; by creating a specially designed website, these web designers are able to create something that is specific to your company. That will increase the rate of conversion. Conversion is the act of turning a website visitor into an actual customer. You need to figure out how to convince a visitor to pay you for your goods or services.

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