Right now, the web development industry is exploding. One of the main reasons for this is that it is becoming more and more affordable to not only have a website designed – it is also easier to design one. Gone are the days of starting from a complicated scratch code that takes multiple rounds of trial and error. Plus, many web designers and developers are getting positions within the ranks of companies that provide templates to users. You can now pay a low monthly fee and have a website designed for you. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages of getting a web design degree versus learning on your own or going the autodidactic route. Here are four benefits of getting a degree in web development.

  1. It’s Recession and Depression Proof

One of the biggest benefits of getting a degree in web development – from a school like Maryville University or Syracuse University – is that you will have a skill that will last through multiple downturns in the economy. Your skills will also help you survive through really tough recessions. Other positions may not hold up when the economy gets shaky, which is why investing in your degree is a really good idea.

  1. You Will Get to Work with Likeminded People

On top of having a career that will make it through recessions and economic downturns, you will also get to work with likeminded people. If you are on the design aspect of development, you may be working with a team of designers to get the aesthetic of a website down. There aren’t a lot of other positions that give you the opportunity to work with other designers in the field. Plus, working with other designers and developers will give you unique insight and it will help you evolve, so there is a never ending amount of leeway when it comes to how much you can grow in the web development world.

  1. Learn Advanced Tricks of the Trade

If you learn web development and design on your own, you may not pick up all the useful tricks that you need to learn to actually be good at your job. Sure, you may learn a few things, but only in school can you get efficient lessons on the advanced aspects of web design. Anyone that tells you that you don’t need to school to learn how to design websites is absolutely wrong. You need to know the theory of website design and development, and you need to know the coding, which in some cases can be like a second language.

  1. You Can Work from Home

On top of everything, being a web developer means that you can work from the comfort of your own home. This is one of the biggest benefits of getting your degree in this field. Of course, it is not all about staying in bed and coding websites – a degree in web development will give you the chance to really be independent and to be your own boss. In the end, this is a rare chance to be a true master of your own destiny.