Beside of the capital city, politic centre, and economic, Jakarta has romantic place to visit. Located of jakarta in Indonesia, exactly in the nortwest coast of Java. If you like to come in jakarta, don’t worry about hotel in jakarta. There are many accomodation with cheap and happiness is of course. Although jakarta is largest city with 180 millions people, here you can find the interesting tourism destination, such as : thousand island, national monumen, sea world, marina ancol, TMII and many others.

The favorite destination if you come in Jakarta is Pulau Seribu. It has 45 small Island for tourism object which name : Tidung Island, Rambut island, Ayer Island, bidadari Island, kotok island, putri island, sepa island and many others. All of them offers natural and wonderful forest and the scenary of under water. There are many things to do like : snorkling, diving, sun bathing, fishing, swimming and others. Do you interesting to come here ? so the important that you need before is accomodation, if you are a backpacker, you can book a reservation in pramuka island. It’s cheaper than others. It’s just U$5 to U$30. If you like to more enjoy the holiday, you can choose resort in the one of pulau seribu. The resort has unique architecture. Not only that the beach view in the morning  and the sun set is so interesting.

Tidung island is one of the pulau seribu which so amazing place to visit. This place is suitable to take some picture. It has a connectic bridge between the small and the large of tidung island. ussually the connecting bridge called romantic bridge. The wonderful view of the beach will be yours.

Do you like snorkling or diving ? kotok island is the answer. It has nature and best spot diving. The water so clean and the coral reefs is of course. Another choice island is  Bidadari Island, this place is suitable for fishing, jetsky, and banana boat. The accomodation such as land cottage which fisherman owner, and the price is cheaper than others island. If you like to see many kind of bird and enjoy the beach view you can visit in rambut island, many kind of bird is here to stay. For another island has special one to visit and it’s so interesting.

Any others destination that you can visit in Jakarta is national monumen. It’s usually called “monas”. The special of this place you will be know the historical of indonesia. If you like education for your child, you can visit in sea world. The are many species there and the view is so gergeous such us in under water. So have a great day !