Technological developments allow us to running the various things, including business. By use the technology, our business will be more effective and efficient. One of them, with use cloud hosting. Now, cloud hosting is very popular among businessmen, both who are professionals and beginners. they take advantage of cloud hosting as facilitate their work. will give some information about cloud hosting and the benefits for your business. Cloud is a network server, and each server has a different function. The business decision to “move to the Cloud” is often financially motivated. Working on Cloud allows your company to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective. If your company needs access to more resources Cloud can set and scaling. Conversely, if the need to downscale or reducing resources, Cloud can do so easily. Because of this scalability. Cloud Hosting is a set of servers that are in a large network, or some kind of peer network, mostly using technology SAN (Storage Area Network) that has an advantage in terms of data redundancy that is better than stand alone server. Another aspect worth noting is that the Cloud Hosting allows you to manage peak loads more easily. Without facing the problem of lack of bandwidth and reduce the likelihood of downtime when the damage occurred on the server,  because the other servers can provide additional resources . This is possible because the website does not rely on just one server , but a cluster of servers that work together are referred to as ” the cloud (cloud ) “. Besides of that, cloud hosting also has the advantages of a network server will have the time “uptime” is better than a dedicated server that has only one server. This will give a good effect for your company.

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