Companies are so protective of their content these days that they don’t let anything stay on the Internet for long, even if it falls within the realm of fair use. I made a parody video of a popular movie and uploaded it to a video hosting site. The video was hit with copyright flags and the audio on the video was muted. I contested this, but it had no effect. In fact, I think it made things worse, because the video was then removed entirely. I decided to buy cheap hosting from a company and just upload the video to my own personal website.

There are special algorithms in place to sniff out any videos that may contain copyrighted content. This often results in false flags when videos are uploaded to video sites. On my own website, I don’t have to worry about these algorithms, because there are none. As long as anyone has the link to the video on my website, they can see it and share it with anyone else. I posted a link to the video on my social media page and it was shared among millions of people. The video was so popular that it was shown on a cable television show.

Since the increase of popularity in the video, I was contacted by the company that made the original content from the video. I thought they were going to serve me with some kind of cease and desist notice, but they actually congratulated me. They also made a request for me to make some more parody content using some of their other intellectual proprieties. I was only doing the videos for fun, but the company was willing to pay me for my work. I guess it’s a good feeling to have your work recognized by a creator.