Guest blogging needs to follow Google algorithms properly. For example, according to Penguin updates, bulk guest posting can get you in bad rep with Google. You can hire experts from, who have vast experience to do guest blogging correctly.

Tips to create a trendy guest blogging strategy

Outline a content strategy

  • Scan the target host bloggers blog to recognize its content style
  • Check popular guest posts already published on the blog
  • Create content, which fits accurately to the host’s blog
  • Work on voice, theme and tone of the host’s blog
  • Recognize the blogger you are writing for
  • Select popular topics but make sure to write it from a different angle not covered
  • The posts you create must be relevant to your niche
  • Target an array of relevant keywords or phrases rather than a single keyword

Create editorial calendar

Good content creation takes time. Make sure that you are able to accommodate writing high quality content for variety of blogs in your busy schedule. You have to think about your personal blog publication, too.

You can take help from professionals at or create editorial calendar. It will help to manage everything efficiently. Being proactive will make you productive and help you generate high quality content.

Follow guest blogs pre-set guidelines

Several publications and blogs have specific guidelines structured for guest bloggers. Read them carefully, because it will power your content strategy. It will help to frame the content structure correctly. Thus, the chances of your guest post getting rejected decreases.

In general, the guidelines contain information about content expectation, format, tone & style and editorial process.

Choose relevant topic

Streamline guest posts with your own blog theme. The aim of guest blogging is to attract relevant target audience. You get a chance to insert link pointing towards your personal blog.

The topic should fit easily in a specific category of host’s blog. For example, a beauty blogger can select fashion topics. They can easily link to their own content, while discussing relevant make-up tips.

Select blogs with maximum comments

More comments on sites indicate that the community is very active. This helps to get active and passionate readers. Target these sites to get your guest post published.

Create original content

Your guest post will introduce your work in front of potential audience, so put the right foot, and win them. It will also help you get content published easily. So focus and create a content that is unique and original.

Proof read

Before submitting, edit your guest post and check for silly mistakes related to grammar, spellings, wrong vocabulary, as well as story flow.

Get anchor text right

  • For anchor text links, use meaningful keywords
  • For linking back, avoid using words like, ‘click here’ or ‘read more’
  • Avoid using same keywords for linking back
  • Multiple articles optimized for same keywords is not good
  • Link back to your blogs well-optimized landing pages

Promote on social media

To get maximum exposure, promote the content as soon as it gets published on social media. Social signals like tweet, likes, and shares enhance search engine ranking and earn credibility.